Build With Celo ReFi Hackathon '22

1361 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 4
1361 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 4

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Idea Submission Phase
starts on:
Aug 26, 2022, 07:00 AM UTC (UTC)
ends on:
Sep 27, 2022, 07:00 PM UTC (UTC)
Hackathon Phase
starts on:
Sep 27, 2022, 07:01 PM UTC (UTC)
ends on:
Nov 15, 2022, 07:59 AM UTC (UTC)


Welcome to Build with Celo, a virtual hackathon that invites values-aligned founders and builders worldwide to design and, ultimately, ship their best ideas on the Celo carbon-negative, open source, mobile-first blockchain. Millions of people currently benefit from assets and applications built on Celo, and with this hackathon, Celo is primed to help many more.

The Build with Celo hackathon, like all Celo hackathons, offers the opportunity for high-potential projects to win the support they need to jumpstart a new company or direct them to startup programs or accelerator programs offered by the Celo Foundation and partners. 

  1. Click here for the Github Repo
  2. Join the Discord link below to stay up to date, form teams, find mentors, and work directly with the Celo developer team.
  3. Review the "Awards and Prizes" tab. The first 50 submissions get 50 cUSD.
  4. Review the "Guidelines" for the project submission calendar.

You will need to fork the repo to participate. Please refer to the "How will this work?" tab and the "Guidelines" tab to review the submission calendar and incentives (also posted below).


Click here to see how to manage Github and commits

All submissions to the Build with Celo hackathon must focus on one of the following themes: ReFi, DeFi, DAOs, NFTs, GameFi, and SocialFi. Projects whose focus includes the theme of ReFi, or regenerative finance, will be given preference.

While each theme offers unique and creative build opportunities, all are intrinsically linked by the Celo mission: to create the conditions of prosperity for all. (Learn more about Celo’s overarching mission here.)

We’re incredibly excited to kick-off the Build with Celo hackathon, and hope it will inspire and encourage builders everywhere. In the spirit of Charles Eisenstein’s Sacred Economics, let’s make more of what we want to see in the world, like pristine forests and oceans.

Building on Celo means participating in a world that empowers local economies to regenerate global ecologies––it’s time to build for change.



If you needs some inspiration, check out this Hackathon Inspiration doc!

The Celo ecosystem supports DeFi growth and use cases that help create a new economic paradigm—one centered around leveraging Web3 tools to solve global systemic problems (e.g., the climate crisis or deep poverty), while empowering local communities, preserving natural resources, and recognizing individuals as unique.

Celo’s mission-driven partners help shape and grow a global regenerative economy through nature-backed stable assets, community-focused finance and poverty-alleviation protocols. IMPORTANT: Projects that focus on the theme of ReFi (regenerative finance) will be given preference.

General Ideas

  • Mento stablecoins - Add the ability to create batch transactions to minimize slippage/price deltas (eg 100 transactions at $5 vs 1 at 500)
  • The ability for a new wallet to transact on the Celo network without requiring gas or dust for transactions
  • Token issuance models connected to IoT device readings
  • Embedded offsets in transportation applications
  • Phone-based MRV solutions
  • Geospatial logic in dApps using Astral Protocol


The ReFi movement is galvanizing Web3 builders to design a regenerative economy that promotes a healthy planet, addresses systemic inequality, encourages shared value, and empowers communities to thrive. ReFi is centered around building decentralized financial apps and services that support regeneration rather than exploitation. Projects that focus on this ReFi theme will be given preference. (Learn more about ReFi here.)


Potential Ideas

● Natural Capital Liquidity Provider analysis

● Climate Collective

● Interoperable dApps with any Climate Collective member or grantee

● Carbon Credits

● Utilizing or finding ways to burn them?

● Ecosystem Restoration

● Tokenization of land, beyond forests

● EthicHub

● Use Ethic bonds to propose an innovative defi/refi protocol

● Moola

● Integrate Moola yield into social project

● Impact Market

● Utilizing UBI tokens for governance?


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) dominated the news cycle in the last year, but they’re good for much more than generative art and PFPs. The underlying technology has far reaching use cases, including in the areas of ownership, membership, and intellectual property. 

Potential Ideas

● Dynamic NFTs based on the regenerative work you do (Planting tree).

● POAP Platform for Celo.

● Carbon Negative NFTs - A portion of NFT sale will be used to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

● TreeNFTs - For each NFT sale, a Tree IRL will be planted.

● NFT Analytic Platform - Show analysis of NFT projects based on Celo.


Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are growing in numbers, effectively and transparently working with global communities to create positive change. These internet-native organizations are community-owned and managed.

Potential Ideas

● Investment DAO - Allowing members to buy a stake in new Web3 projects

● A DAO for members with different skills (Music, Dance, Art, Tech, etc.) can collab and work together

● FractionalDAO - Allows members to buy a fraction of an NFT/assets

● FarmDAO - DAO of members who buy farms and lend them to farmers (who can’t buy farms, thus giving employment) and the revenue is shared with the farmer and the farm owners

● Education DAO - A DAO for community members to create educational content

● Heritage Site Preservation DAO - A DAO where members invest by buy tokens / NFT of a heritage site and stake it to the person who preserves the site and then the revenue is shared between the preserver and the NFT / token holders.

● Dissolvable DAOs for rapid, targeted crowdfunding


A fusion of gaming and finance, GameFi refers to play-to-earn blockchain games that offer ownership and control to players. GameFi projects offer various game economies and play models, but common threads include NFTs and cryptocurrencies.


Social Finance, or SocialFi, is Web3's answer to the issues of global systemic social and wealth inequality. Projects in this category encourage shared value and ownership, thus empowering individuals and communities to thrive.


Potential Ideas

Institutional Justice

● A proof of concept “unstoppable” web dapp using IPFS and Plumo light client to connect to the Celo network in a trustless way directly from the webapp

● Could be something simple that just displays the current time, or the current onchain randomness  (e.g.


Decentralized Finance, or DeFi, are financial tools and infrastructure. Projects in this category are encouraged to develop financial tools that empower our global audience through mobile devices.

Potential Ideas

● Lending front end and primitive: Money market lending protocol native to Celo.

● A Cross-Chain lending protocol that immediately provides liquidity for assets transferred cross-chain, utilizing the Wormhole bridge.

● DeFi asset manager: A platform for consolidating all DeFi/ReFi assets and liabilities across different dApps.

● Insurance for Smart Contract

● Token streaming platform (similar to SuperFluid). Combine elements like NFTs to increase engagement.

● Dex Aggregator

● Pricing mechanisms for low-liquidity assets (eg. auction protocol)

web2 → DeFi (Celo Composer)
web2 → DeFi (Celo Composer)

Celo Composer makes it easy for web2 developers to quickly deploy their web3 application on Celo. Build your project on Celo Composer to be eligible for the prize pool.


The Build with Celo hackathon offers 125,000 cUSD in prizes and awards:

Main Prizes
Top 3 Projects Overall
  • First prize: 1 X 25,000 cUSD
  • Second prize: 1 X 10,000 cUSD
  • Third prize: 1 X 5,000 cUSD
Top projects in each theme* (35)
USD 1000
  • ReFi: 5 x 1000 cUSD
  • DeFi: 5 x 1000 cUSD
  • DAOs: 5 x 1000 cUSD
  • NFTs: 5 x 1000 cUSD
  • SocialFi: 5 x 1000 cUSD
  • GameFi: 5 x 1000 cUSD
  • web2 → DeFi (Celo Composer): 5 x 1000 cUSD

*Teams are able to win in both the Overall (Top 3) category and a theme category.

Special Prizes
Lava Bounty (2)
USD 500

Leverage Lava’s P2P RPC to get uncensored access to RPC data. The top 3 projects that use a Lava Network RPC for both CELO testnet (alfajores) & mainnet will get a share of 1000 cUSD.

  •  500 cUSD
  •  500 cUSD

Read the requirements and sign up: 

Lava Workshop: 

Valora Bounty (4)
USD 250

Build web3 dApps that allow fast, secure, and global payments. The top 5 projects with Valora displayed as the first wallet option for connecting wallet to DApp will share 1000 cUSD.

  • 4 X 250 cUSD

Github tutorial: 

Valora Workshop:

Toucan Bounty
USD 1000

Integrate programmable carbon into your project. The top 2 projects with the best integration will share 1000 cUSD.

  • 1 X 1000 cUSD

Toucan Infrastructure and Codebase:

Developer Hub: 

Toucan Workshop: 


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